The MuleSoft platform lets you connect to thousands of other applications, systems, processes, and workflows. MuleSoft's Anypoint Studio provides a visual, point and click interface for building integrations through an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you can download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Processes and integrations can be set up quickly, with no coding, to automate your business tasks and workflows.

Using SFTP from MuleSoft

MuleSoft provides a generic SFTP connector that can be used with

Configure the properties of the SFTP connector so that the Host points to your site domain name. You can use your Username and Password to authenticate the SFTP connection or use a SFTP/SSH Key for the Identity File parameter.

The SFTP connector will allow you to perform SFTP actions from your MuleSoft process, such as upload file, download file, create and delete directories, navigate directories, and list directory contents.

Using APIs from MuleSoft

MuleSoft also provides a generic HTTP connector that can be used to make REST API calls to

You can configure the properties of the HTTP connector to make calls to the APIs and perform various user or administrator actions.

The API Key that you use for authentication will have the same permissions as the owner of that key. Use an API key of an administrator to perform administrator actions and use an API key of a user account to perform user actions as that user.

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