API Logs

Files.com provides a detailed audit log of API requests made to your site using any interface type. This log includes every operation performed on your site.

We retain these logs for 30 days.

Below are the details available in API logs. Columns such as User, Interface, Method, Request-ID, and Status can be filterable within a specific date range.

DateStart time of the action.
UserUsername associated with the action.
InterfaceAPI interface associated with the action.
API Key IDShows API key ID (if applicable).
API Key prefixShows API key prefix (if applicable).
API NameName of the API endpoint.
MethodHTTP method associated with the action.
PathAPI request path.
IPIP address of the requesting client.
Request-IDUnique ID of the request.
Request HostHostname the request was sent to.
Response CodeHTTP response code sent.
User Agentuser-agent details of the requesting client.
Error TypeErro type (if applicable).
StatusStatus such as Success or Failure for each API request. Shows as failure if the HTTP response code is 4xx or 5xx.
DurationTime taken in milliseconds for the execution of individual action.

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