Browsing a Remote Server

The Remote Server browser will allow you access and interact with files and folders on the Remote Server. This feature is only available to site administrators using the web interface.

This is useful prior to setting up a Remote Mount or a Remote Sync as it allows you to see the file system layout on the remote system. You can use the browser to create and modify remote folders prior to using them as a source or destination for a Remote Mount or Remote Sync.

Supported Operations

The remote server browser has most of the capabilities of the file manager.

Typical file and folder operations are supported, such as copy, move, rename, and delete. You will need to have the appropriate permissions on the remote server to perform these actions.

Unsupported Operations

Sharing, setting permissions, and configuring folder settings are not allowed in the remote server browser. For these file manager capabilities, use a Remote Mount to mount the remote folder instead.

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