Troubleshooting OneDrive Integrations

OneDrive connection and connectivity issues can be caused by permission and authentication issues. When using OneDrive for Business, also consult the Troubleshooting SharePoint article, as SharePoint is used as its backend system.

Incorrect OneDrive Access Permissions

When connecting to OneDrive, will only be able to access those OneDrive resources that have been granted to the credentials being used to connect.

Make sure that the OneDrive account that is being used to authenticate for the Remote Server connection has been granted permission to access the required resources. Check that the OneDrive permissions for the account are correct. Log in directly to OneDrive with the same account and verify that you can access the required resources. Contact your OneDrive administrator if you cannot access the required resources successfully.

Authentication Issues

For authentication to succeed, your OneDrive must use a verified domain, as required by Microsoft. The instructions for verifying your domain can be found on the Microsoft Learn site:

Make sure that your OneDrive domain is verified prior to attempting to authenticate.

The user account being used to authenticate must contain a valid email address. The email address must be associated with the verified domain. By default, the domain of the email address should match the verified domain. However, Microsoft Entra might be configured to allow email addresses with domains that differ from the verified domain.

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