Our SDKs and REST API are designed for people who require the highest level of integration between and their own application, website, or database.

The web interface, Desktop app, and FTP backend use the exact same API that we publish to our customers, so everything you can do in the UI can also be accomplished using the API or with one of our SDKs. publishes SDKs for all popular programming languages. We strongly recommend using our SDKs over directly implementing our REST API, especially if working with files. Our SDKs include developer-friendly features such as support for automatic pagination and tight integration with the File APIs in your language of choice.

We have invested time into optimizing file operations, including parallelization of uploads and downloads in some SDKs. As we add support for more remote server backends via our Sync and Mount features, we will always update our SDKs with any optimizations that are available.

To get started building your own integrations via the API and SDKs, check out the API docs at

Example API Uses

Our customers are using the REST API to power their custom integrations with right now. The use cases being solved with our SDKs cover a wide array of functionality.

One use for the Rest API is to keep the user list in sync with an external system or database that doesn't support Single Sign-on (SSO) with a custom solution to bulk import and sync users from from the other system.

You could create an integration that automatically generate personalized Share Links for digital order fulfillment.

Another option is to use our APIs that provide access to metrics, such as History Exports or Usage Snapshots to drive advanced reporting and analytics integrations with your own BI platforms.

You could even use our API within iPaaS platforms that support REST API calls to create your own bespoke connector.

You can also use an API key as the password to sign in to FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. This is useful when you have scripts or applications that need to sign in using FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV protocols. In this case, the user login name will be @api-[key-id or API key name] and the password will be API key content.

Continuous API Expansion

We are continuously adding new functionality to our APIs and working to improve our SDKs. Are there additional capabilities you would like to see added to our API or SDKs? Please feel free to contact us with any feature requests for the API and SDKs.

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