Agent Logs

All actions performed within Agent Remote Server folders are stored in the corresponding logs in exactly the same way as all other types of Remote Server and History actions are logged.

The Agent also produces a local log file on the host system. This log file can be shared with our Support team when troubleshooting. The log file will be automatically rotated whenever it reaches 20MB in size.

When the Agent is run manually, the log file is named files-agent.log and will be located in the same folder that Agent resides in.

When the Agent is run as a Windows service, the log file is named logs.log and will be located in the C:\Program Files\ folder.

You can customize the location of the log file by using the --log_file flag when running the Agent:

files-agent start --config files_agent_config.toml --log_file C:\path\to\outputfile.log

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