Agent Prerequisites

The Agent is supported on Windows (64bit), Linux (64bit), and MacOS (64bit).

The Agent is a very lightweight application, requiring minimal system resources.

The Agent is self-contained, does not have any external dependencies, and does not require any external system libraries or helper applications.

There are no minimum specifications for system CPU or Memory and the Agent will run on systems ranging from high-end enterprise servers to low-cost single-board computers, such as a Raspberry Pi.

Agent Resource Usage Metrics

CPU Use0%Varies, depending on load and CPU size. Tests using an Intel Xeon CPU E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz showed occasional peaks between 20% and 50%.
MEM UseApprox. 13 MBApprox. 50 MB
Disk UseApprox. 40 MB (Agent binary) plus 100 MB (logs)Approx. 40 MB (Agent binary) plus up to 1 GB (logs)

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