Requesting Support

At we take pride in providing you with quality support from the first point of contact, with no need to go through multiple levels of support before your problem gets resolved.

In order to maintain the security of your account, only site administrators are authorized to submit a support request through the web interface. If you are not an administrator, we recommend you contact the person that created your account. Site administrators who submit support requests from the web interface are authenticated, and this allows us to look in detail at your site configuration, user history, and billing information.

Sending an Authenticated Request

To send an authenticated support request, first make sure you're logged in to your site as an administrator.

Next, select the Contact support option from the menu located in the top right.

Next, complete the displayed contact form to submit your support request.

When completing the form, please provide as much detail regarding your issue/request as you can so that we can help you more efficiently.

Including Attachments

You can attach files to your request for us to review by clicking the Choose Files button under Attach Files.

Typical examples of files you might like to attach are image files of screenshots showing a configuration or error message, or perhaps a log file showing the output from software that you are using to interact with

When sending us information, please be careful to avoid sending sensitive information such as passwords, PHI, or any information that you would prefer not to share.

Before submitting your support ticket, please review the Impact and Access options and select the appropriate option under each category.

Specifying the Impact

Under What impact does this issue have on your business? you can select from Low to Critical depending on the nature of your issue. Each level is described next to its radio button. Select the level that best matches your situation.

Granting Us Access to Your Account

Under Would you like to allow Customer Support to log in to your account to assist with this issue? you have three access levels that you can grant to us: none, read-only, and full access.

If your ticket is for a routine request or there is no reason why we would need to review your site settings or the settings for a particular user for example, choose No,.... With this selection, we are still able to temporarily see activity logs and can perform a limited set of tasks for you, but we are not able to see inside your site.

If your ticket is for a troubleshooting request or you are seeking help/advice on how to configure something or enable a particular feature, it may help us help you if we have more visibility into your site settings, folder tree, or users. In this case choose Yes, allow Customer Support read-only access ... This access level does not allow us to make any changes to your site.

If your ticket is for a more complex technical issue or a critical production issue for which you need a faster resolution, it may help us help you more effectively if we have not only visibility into your site, but also access to change settings and test files. In this case, choose Yes, allow Customer Support full access ... This access level allows us to temporarily log into your site as if we are a site administrator.

For certain more complex scenarios for us to troubleshoot as well as help investigate your issues thoroughly, and for faster resolutions, we may need even higher level of access on your account. In this case, choose Yes, allow full access to my site and unencrypted remote server credentials... This access level allows us to temporarily login into your site as an administrator and also examine Remote Server credentials, file content and in addition to access the account as if we are a site administrator.

Our Customer Success staff is experienced and specially trained to treat all of these access levels with care and professionalism. You can rest assured that we maintain the strictest security practices and discretion at all times. All account activity performed by our staff is logged and available for viewing in the History logs.

Any access granted us by your support ticket is of limited duration, only lasting a couple of days. Once the token associated with your ticket elapses, we are no longer able to log into your site nor view site folders and settings.

When you have made your selections, click the Submit Request button, and we will receive your ticket and help you as soon as we can.

Feel free to contact should you have any further questions.

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