IP Whitelisting

Files.com offers an IP Whitelisting feature which can be used by organizations who want to require that only specific IP addresses are allowed to access their site.

Restricting access by IP address can be done on a sitewide basis, group level as well as for individual users.

This is an optional feature that we provide to allow compliance with your company security posture; it is not a required configuration.

Enabling IP Whitelisting For All Users

To add IP addresses to the sitewide IP whitelist, type "IP Whitelist/Blacklist" in the search box at the top of every page and then click on the matching result. Each whitelisted IP address should be entered on a separate line. You may specify a range in CIDR format, such as

Adding one or more IP addresses to the sitewide whitelist will force all users to access the site from one of these IP addresses, unless they have a user-specific whitelisted IP address or have the Bypass site IP whitelist setting enabled, as described below.

IP Whitelisting and User Restrictions

To add IP addresses to an individual user's IP whitelist, edit the desired user, then locate their IP Whitelist setting.

When a user has entries in their IP Whitelist, and there is no sitewide IP whitelist, they must access the site from one of the addresses on their own list.

When a user has entries in their IP Whitelist, and you are also restricting IP addresses via the sitewide or group level IP whitelist, and the user setting Bypass site IP whitelist is not enabled, users with addresses that exist in either list (sitewide or user or group) will be allowed to log in.

You may restrict a user to only access the site via one of the addresses on their individual IP whitelist (and not the sitewide IP whitelist) by selecting Bypass site IP whitelist located immediately below the individual user's IP whitelist.

Disabling IP Whitelisting

To disable IP Whitelisting, clear out all content for the sitewide and per-user IP whitelists using the same steps as above.

Interaction With Other Restrictions

If you maintain a list of Allowed countries or Disallowed countries, the IP Whitelist and country restrictions are combined such that a given connection must satisfy all restrictions in order to be allowed. For example, IP addresses that are associated with countries in your list of Disallowed countries will not be allowed to connect, even if they would be allowed because of your IP whitelists.

Public Hosting

Folders that are configured with the Public Hosting (Web Hosting) setting are not affected by IP Whitelisting. These public folders will be accessible from any location and any IP address.


In general, Files.com platform logs all logins attempted by any users or systems. If there are any attempts to login from a country or IP address which is not allowed by the Administrator, Files.com platform rejects the authentication and corresponding login attempt will be logged under User history.


Files.com does not support IPv6 addresses for any part of its platform, including for IP Whitelisting.

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