To simplify configuration and provide an easy-to-use experience, certain configuration items are pre-configured or restricted to specific values.

When exchanging with, AS2 authentication is limited to Message Level Security. This means that only valid AS2-To and AS2-From headers are required to authenticate. Username and password based AS2 authentication is not supported.

When sending to, message encryption is always expected. Unencrypted AS2 messages will be rejected.

When sending to, message compression is not supported or required. Compressed AS2 messages will be rejected.

When replies to inbound transmissions, the Message Disposition Notification (MDN) will be signed using SHA-256.

When replying to inbound transmissions, asynchronous Message Disposition Notification (MDN) delivery is not supported. Please request synchronous receipt delivery in your AS2 configuration.

For outbound transmissions, the encryption cipher used is aes-256-cbc.

For outbound transmissions, the signing algorithm used is SHA-256.

The current file size limit for outgoing AS2 messages is 25MB. The vast majority of EDI payloads are smaller than this limit but if you require a higher limit for your outgoing AS2 transmissions then please contact us and let us know.

Our AS2 implementation is currently not Drummond Certified. Please let us know if you require this certification in order to use AS2.

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