AS2 has implemented the AS2 data transmission protocol, allowing you to implement secure Business-to-Business (B2B) file transfers with your trading partners that mandate the use of AS2, which provides superior security, integrity and non-repudiation of transmissions.

AS2 Functionality at

The current implementation of AS2 at is designed to provide AS2 protocol data transfer, and Message Disposition Notification (MDN) digital receipts, with the minimum amount of configuration.

The current implementation meets the most common AS2 standards but is not Drummond Certified. Please contact us if you require Drummond Certification so that we can better understand your needs.

Data modification, such as EDI mapping or transformation, is not performed. Delivered data, upon successful encryption and decryption, will be identical to the sent data.

AS2 Port for

We use port 443 for receiving AS2 transmissions on your site.

AS2 Folders

Once you’ve configured AS2, a new top-level folder named as2_home will appear in your site.

Within the as2_home folder will be a folder for each of your AS2 Identities and within each AS2 Identity folder will be a folder for each of your AS2 trading partners. For example, if your AS2 Identity is ME and your trading partner’s AS2 Identity is THEM then you’ll see the following folder structure:


Files sent to you via AS2 by your trading partner will appear in the inbox folder.

Files placed into the outbox folder will be sent via AS2 to your trading partner. Once a file has been successfully sent, it will be automatically moved from the outbox folder to the sent folder.

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