Share Link Registrations

Sharing files and folders often requires tracking exactly who you're sharing with, along with when and where any transfers happen. Registrations allow you to capture information from people who visit your Share Link, such as their email address, name and company. Custom registration forms allow you to collect other data from the visitors.

The visitor's IP address and access date are automatically collected. If your Share Link is collecting Registration data but does not provide any forms to web visitors, the only data that will be captured is the visitor's IP address and the date and time of their access.

Example Use Case: Building a Marketing List

You can add a registration form to a password-free Share Link that contains a sample ebook chapter or case study PDF. After visitors provide their information, they're able to download your materials, and you have a qualified lead to add to your CRM.

If you're feeling fancy, add a Share Link notification to automatically alert your marketing team by email whenever a new registration is captured.

Example Use Case: Additional Order Information

You can use a customized registration form to capture information about files that are uploaded to your Share Link. For example, if your Share Link accepts the digital assets that need to be printed, you can prompt the web visitor to enter their order number and other details before they upload. The registration information is stored for as long as the link exists.

Example Use Case: Automatically Routing Uploads

For a Share Link that allows people to upload, those uploaded files can be automatically routed to different folders. You can use a registration form field in the path for the folder, routing the uploaded files to different parts of the file tree.

For example, a tax preparation company might include a required dropdown field "Advisor" on their registration, and then configure the share link to place the file into a folder with the tax advisor's name. When their customers fill out the form to upload their supporting documentation, the documents are automatically placed in the folder for the matching advisor.

Example Use Case: Recording Acceptance of Terms

Security, privacy and compliance with company policies are easier to enforce with your employees than with other users. Associating a clickwrap with your Share Link provides a clickthrough agreement that visitors must accept in order to exchange files. By adding a clickwrap to a Share Link that requires registration, the captured registration data will also include the text of clickwrap, along with the IP address and timestamp.

Requiring Registration

Users can configure each share link to collect registration information (or not), and site administrators can update site-wide settings to require collecting registrations for every Share Link. Site administrators can take this even further and also require visitors to re-register every time they access a Share Link.

Changing or Removing Registrations

A Share Link's registrations are a read-only record that lasts for as long as the link exists (even if it's disabled). You cannot change or delete existing registrations, but Revoking a share link removes all of the history of registrations for that share link. If you need to disable a share link but preserve the registration history, use the Share Link settings to assign an expiration date instead of revoking.

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