Snapshot and Live Share Links

When you create a new Share Link, you can choose whether to make a live Share Link or a snapshot Share Link. The two types of links offer different behavior.

Live Share Links, the default behavior, include any changes made to folders in the share link after it has been created. This means that visitors to the link always have the most current version of files.

Use a live share link when you want your recipients to make changes in a folder shared with them.

You should choose a live Share Link if your link should stay active for more than 60 days, such as if your Share Link should never expire.

You should use live Share Links if you need to change the contents of the Share Link after it has been created.

Snapshot Share Links use the Snapshots feature to take a copy of the files you provide and store those files within a hidden, read-only directory used by that Share Link. This hidden directory allows your users to share a file uploaded directly from their device at the time of sharing. Files stored in snapshot Share Links are automatically deleted when the Share Link expires.

Snapshot Share Links support a much smaller set of allowed actions for link visitors than live Share Links do. Because they use a hidden, read-only directory, link visitors can never make changes in a snapshot Share Link, so you cannot set the link to allow uploads or full access by visitors.

Use a snapshot share link if you need your recipients to receive a copy of files as they were on a specific date.

You should choose a snapshot Share Link if you want to send a file directly from your device without first uploading it to your site.

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