Virtual Data Room

A Virtual Data Room is a term used to refer to a means of providing access to secure documents for authorized users online. Virtual Data Room is a very common use case, and there are actually many different ways of achieving this with your site.

The best way to make your site into a Virtual Data Room is to add every user as a full featured user on your site. This will consume a user license for each user, but will give you the most flexibility and security. We recommend creating a single Group for your VDR consumers and then sharing specific folders with that Group.

Without Purchasing User Licenses for Each User

If you are sharing very widely and can accept a somewhat degraded experience, you can also achieve a similar result using Share Links, which allows you to share specific files/folders with others securely via a publicly accessible link that can be optionally password-protected.

If you want to receive files securely rather than send them, you can use the Inboxes feature. Similar to Share Links, file uploads to Inboxes are encrypted, and Inboxes can be optionally password-protected.

To allow both sending and receiving files securely, you can associate an Inbox with a Share Link by enabling the Associated inbox setting on a Share Link, and selecting the Inbox to associate. Visitors to the Share Link will then be able to download the shared files, as well as upload to the associated Inbox, all from the same convenient location.

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