GDPR is committed to GDPR compliance, and we are happy to offer a Data Processing Addendum (DPA). If you require a signed Data Processing Addendum, please let us know the email to send it for review and signature.

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into effect, establishing a unified framework for the processing and handling of personal data of individuals residing within the European Union. “Personal data” can include names, IP addresses, images, email addresses, or any other data that can be used to identify a person. The GDPR’s reach is intended to apply to organizations located within the EU as well as organizations located outside of the EU if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, people within the EU.

The GDPR and

In addition to world-class security, offers the ability to choose where your data is stored. Current locations include:

  • USA, Virginia
  • Australia, Sydney
  • Canada, Toronto
  • UK, London
  • EU - Germany, Frankfurt
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Singapore also provides customers the flexibility to manage their data from around the world, allowing quick responses to Right to be Forgotten and other requests from data subjects.

Customers that determine that they are data controllers under the GDPR will need to sign our Data Processing Addendum.


To enable the service, we engage Amazon Web Service (AWS) as a sub-processor. AWS meets our rigorous security and confidentiality standards, which we would require from any future subprocessors.

We will notify customers who have signed a Data Processing Addendum of any changes to our subprocessors.

Records of Processing Activity

Whether or not you need to document records of processing activities associated with personal data stored within or transferred through the platform is a determination you should make with the assistance of legal counsel. is not in a position to know what data you are storing in the platform. This understanding and proper data governance is the responsibility of the customer. Please refer to the Shared Responsibility Model for more information.

Please review our comprehensive Compliance and Security page and our detailed Privacy Policy for more information. Features Useful for GDPR Compliance

We’ve built tools into the platform that allow you to customize data retention on a per-folder basis, allowing you to automate the data retention timelines you’ve set in your privacy policy.

Our encryption in transit and encryption at rest serve as a technical safeguard when storing personal information.

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