Deleting Users

We recommend that users be disabled, rather than deleted, in case you need to audit their prior activity, history, and settings. A disabled user will have activity, history, and settings log information retained whereas deleting a user will delete their corresponding information from activity, history, and settings logs.

Site administrators can choose to completely delete a user from the site.

To delete a user, locate the user account entry in the Users page, and click the Delete button. You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm the deletion.

Users provisioned through LDAP or SCIM can be de-provisioned through the same LDAP or SCIM system used for provisioning.

Our Command Line Integration (CLI) App and SDKs can also be used to programmatically delete user accounts.

Effects of Deleting a User

Deleting a user account will remove its associated log information but will not delete the following items.

When a user is deleted, any Share Links they have created are not deactivated. Site administrators have access to all Share Links and will still be able to change the settings or revoke any Share Links that were created by a now-deleted user.

Folder Settings of Deleted Users

With the exception of notifications for the now-deleted user, any folder behaviors they configured will still exist after the user is deleted.

Automations of Deleted Users

Site admins can monitor and update existing automations, even if they were created by a now-deleted user.

Files and Folders of Deleted Users

Removing users does not remove their used storage nor purge their files and folders.

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