Disabling Users

We recommend that users be disabled, rather than deleted, in case you need to audit their prior activity, history, and settings. A disabled user will have activity, history, and settings log information retained whereas deleting a user will delete their corresponding information from activity, history, and settings logs.

Below are the five main approaches to disable a user account:

Automatically Disable Inactive Users

You can automatically disable users who have not logged in within a certain number of days using the "Disable inactive users" setting. Specify a number of days after which users that have not logged in will automatically be disabled. This option disables the affected users within 24 hours of the specified duration. For example, if you set the duration to 7 days then the affected users will be disabled between the 7th and 8th day from their last activity. This is a site level setting and applies to all non-admin users.

If you want to bypass this setting for a particular user who is not a site administrator, edit the user's settings and enable the option Prevent this user from being disabled due to inactivity.

Manually Disable a User

Manually disable a user's account by editing the user's settings to change the Account enabled toggle to the deactivated state. This option takes effect immediately.

To disable a site-administrator's account, you must first revoke their administrator privileges before disabling the account.

Set an Access Expiration Date in the User's Settings

Edit the user, go to the Authentication tab and scroll to the Access expiration date setting to specify the date when the user will not be able to log in. This approach allows you to set an end date for users with a known project duration or other situation where a specific date makes sense.

Automatically Disable Newly Created Inactive Users

While setting up a new user account, you have the flexibility to specify a mandatory time window within which the user must perform their initial login. You can enter the number of days in the Number of days user must first login by field while creating a new user. Alternatively, you can set or modify this value by editing the user's setting Automatically disable this user if not logged in by this date. Note that this setting only applies to new users who have never logged in to the system at least once.

Once it is set, failure to log in within this prescribed period will result in an automatic deactivation of the user account, and any configured authentication methods will be removed. This proactive approach ensures that newly created accounts are put to use by their intended recipients as intended. This option disables the affected accounts within 24 hours of the specified duration. As an example, during the user creation process, if you set the Number of days user must first login by as 10 days, and the user fails to log in within that timeframe, the system will automatically disable the account between the 10th and 11th day from the user creation date.

Programmatically Disable Users

Our Command Line Integration (CLI) App and SDKs can also be used to programmatically disable user accounts.

Effects of Disabled Users

Once a user is disabled/deactivated, they are not able to log in. A site administrator must explicitly re-enable the account before the user may access the site.

Disabled users are not counted for billing purposes.

Your site's storage usage will not be reduced if you disable users. If the file or folder is stored in Files.com, it counts toward storage usage. User count and user's status has no relation to storage usage.

Re-Enable a User

User accounts which are marked as disabled will have to be re-enabled by a site administrator. Files.com does not provide any automated re-enablement of users, since re-enabling a user needs to be examined carefully by a site administrator.

A user account can be manually re-enabled by changing the Account enabled toggle back to the active state and will take effect immediately.

Our Command Line Integration (CLI) App and SDKs can also be used to programmatically enable user accounts.

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