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When you wake up in the morning with that brilliant solution fully baked and looking like process perfection, of course you want to tell everybody about it. But what if you could just build it?

What if you could encode that genius into a platform that would just run it for you?

Developers đź–¤ Files.com

As a company full of geeks who are passionate about coding, we understand the value of a well-documented API that is both powerful and intuitive. So, we worked hard at building ours to be the API that we would want to use.

Need to integrate systems or services with Files.com that go beyond the integrations we provide out of the box? We’ve been helping customers automate basic as well as highly complex processes for years, mostly using our REST API, SDKs, and Zapier.

Do More With Our REST API

Our REST API exposes the full functionality of the Files.com platform to enable the highest level of integration between Files.com and your application, website, or database.

The API allows access to absolutely everything the platform can do, which allows you to build any automation or workflow for file logistics that you can dream up.

Integration & Automation

Use the API to integrate and automate simple or complex actions in your account.

  • Bulk import/sync users from a database or other external system
  • Send and receive files through a custom web portal
  • Provide self-service user account creation
  • Set up advanced reporting and analytics

Do even more to power your custom integrations with Files.com. Here are just a few examples of how customers are using the REST API:

  • Use the API to upload core/dump files from an on-premise server automatically, allowing folks in the support department to analyze the files.
  • Automatically create a folder with Inbox settings, so that customers can upload supporting documentation for their loan application. The API is called directly from their ERP, triggering a new load application workflow.
  • Automatically provision accounts for new employees. When a new hire starts, the HR systems makes and API call to provision the user in Files.com.
  • Use the API to upload or download large files to cloud storage from the customer’s desktop application.
  • Enforce data retention durations and storage limitations. Customer uses the API to look for files that are older than a specified number of days and automatically delete them.

SDKs for Automation and Integration

When working with files, our SDKs provide the best solution for automation and integration. You’ll find our SDKs include many developer-friendly features from support for automatic pagination to tight integration with the Files.com APIs. We also support deep integration into your code via our seven SDKs.

Our SDKs are designed to work exactly as expected in your favorite programming language. Our goal is that working with an object on Files.com will work exactly the same as working with a local file object in that programming language.

SDKs are available here for the following languages:

  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • C# / .Net
  • Python
  • Java / JVM
  • Go

Optimize With SDKs

We have invested time into optimizing file operations, including parallelization of uploads and downloads in some SDKs so you get the ultimate efficiency for all your file automation.

Our sync and mount features add more even more value to your file transfer operations when combined with utilizing our SDKs. Integrate with any remove server or cloud (even your customers' or vendors'), including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Wasabi, Backblaze, Rackspace, and more. We will always update our SDK with any optimizations that are available.

API and SDKs in Action

Spoiler Alert works to help companies in the food and beverage industries reduce waste. They were able to gain value from utilizing our REST API.

Files.com offers a very convenient API for notifying us the moment a file is added. So there's very little effort we have to do on this end in order to process those files. Without Files.com, everything was largely a manual process. So, it's a huge benefit for us.

To get started building your own integrations, check out the API docs at https://developers.files.com/.

Don’t Do It Alone

Need help deciding the best way to leverage the Files.com API for your project? Or just need a hand with a particularly tricky API call?

While we love to help customers automate their systems using our programming tools for developers, that can get pretty technical at times, and often requires our customers to have their own scripting and programming resources.

We want to make it easier and faster for you to set your great ideas into motion and put them to work, so we introduced workflows, our platform automation and configuration feature set.

Our Customer Success Engineers are coders too and are eager to help with code examples in your language of choice, implementation suggestions, and best practices.

Plus, we love hearing about all the ingenious ways that customers are using the Files.com API to power their integrations. Let us know what you’re building!

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