Receive Files has an awesome platform for all of your outbound sharing needs. However, what do you do when you need a client to send files to you?

Gone are the days of having to create special user accounts or utilize insecure anonymous FTP accounts to receive files!

What Is an Inbox?

With, it is possible to create dedicated folders for receiving files uploaded by anonymous users. We call this the Inbox feature!

Increase your flexibility to receive files from non-users securely. Inboxes are ideal for file transfer with customers, vendors, and contractors. Create Inboxes to accept applications, invoices, product requests or any other submissions your business needs to receive.

Imagine the simplicity of providing a hyperlink in an email or on your organization’s website for anyone needing to upload invoices, legal documents, bug reports, log files, and more. All without exposing any visibility or access to other files on your site.

This is the power of Inboxes.

What Can I Use an Inbox For?

Inboxes are the perfect tool for receiving files from external parties.

  • Accept contest entries from the public
  • Receive photos from clients
  • Collect form submissions and survey responses
  • Receive applications for a program or internship
  • Clients can securely upload supporting documents for their insurance claim

There are numerous ways that customers have put our Inbox feature to work. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • A large human resources team sets up a new folder for each employee recruited to the company. Each employee folder has a unique inbox URL associated with it, allowing employees and managers to upload confidential documents directly to their personnel file.
  • A private preparatory high school in Texas uses a Inbox link to collect scholarship applications.
  • A retail company uses an Inbox link for their vendors to upload product demonstration videos.

And this is just the beginning. What will you use Inboxes for?

The Inbox Experience

Inboxes are accessed as a webpage and allows visitors to upload files using an Upload button, or by dropping files onto the page. What could be simpler? You can even configure your inbox to display right on your site’s login form.

Inboxes are configured and managed right in the application. Adding a new Inbox is simple and fully customizable. If you choose to have the inbox on your login page, the upload form provides a convenient way to non-users to directly send you files. There’s even a status page that lets them know the upload was completed.

Take a look at these examples.

1. Adding an Inbox to receive files.

Adding an Inbox to receive files.

2. Inbox displayed on your site's login page.

Inbox hosted on your login page.

3. Uploading to an Inbox.

Uploading to a Inbox.

Customize Your Inbox

Like all the pages inside the platform, your client inboxes can be custom branded with your logo, brand colors, and message. Your Inboxes will reside on your custom domain (if applicable) and you can set the exact URL to access. This is another example of our emphasis in promoting your brand first.

Sharing Your Inbox

Receiving files to an Inbox is easy. Simply share the link or host the upload form on your login page.

Unique links are generated for each Inbox. Share via email directly from the application, via direct message, or embed the Inbox right on your website. With a customized Inbox embedded on your site, clients can upload files quickly and conveniently without having to leave your site or hunt down a link.   

Receive Files Securely

Receiving files to an Inbox is equally as secure as any other file action taken using To further protect files being uploaded to your account, you can require registration or a password for access to your Inboxes.

Visitors uploading files to an Inbox will not see any of the files in that Inbox. Once the Inbox shows that the upload was completed, visitors won’t have any other knowledge of what has been received. Only authorized users on your account will be able to check the Inbox and see the received files.

Inboxes Without Limits

We believe that you should not be limited to just one inbox. That’s why we give you the ability to add an unlimited number of inboxes to every folder in your account.

Imagine the boost in perceived value your company receives by supplying each prospective client with a custom branded page designed for their business and ready for them to submit their documents. 

Integrate Inboxes Using Webhooks, Notifications, Zapier, and More

It doesn’t stop there. Because an Inbox is simply a public endpoint to a folder on your site, all automations and notifications continue to work.

With Inboxes you have the ability to accept a file from any outside party, receive an email alert of receipt, and have your systems begin processing the file according to your webhook or Zapier integrations

Get more done with less worry about security when you receive files with the Inbox feature. Great for your brand and a breeze for your clients!

Start your trial of and start receiving files directly to your Inboxes!

Want to brainstorm additional ways to receive files from third parties? Contact our customer success team and they can explore your business needs and come up with solutions that delivers you the success you deserve.

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