FTP/SFTP Support

At Files.com, we know that nearly every organization has a need to securely exchange files with external parties, and many of these file exchanges have used protocols like FTP and SFTP for decades. Where other companies see it as a dead technology, we will remain committed to supporting FTP.

That's why every Files.com site includes access to our proprietary FTP and SFTP protocol engine, making it easy to support your existing FTP and SFTP file exchange processes while still maintaining all the benefits of a modern and secure cloud platform.

Complete FTP & File Transfer Platform

You’re here because you need a complete file transfer solution that supports FTP/SFTP in order to meet your business needs. You process critical file transfers that require file transfer protocol. Files.com connects with your FTP software for seamless transfers and provides data security every step of the way with secure protocols like SFTP.

But we don’t stop there.

You need Files.com because it not only supports FTP and SFTP -- these protocols are integrated into the rest of the Files.com platform so you gain all the benefits of a modern file transfer solution that doesn’t skimp on features or security.

Combine your traditional FTP and SFTP processes with the ability to send, share and receive files from the web interface or desktop application. From managing your files online to creating automated workflows and utilizing the sync feature to directly integrate and allow one-way or two-way sync with other FTP/SFTP and cloud storage solutions you already use.

What Makes Files.com the Ultimate FTP and SFTP Server?

Security First

Support for protocols like FTP and SFTP shouldn't mean compromising on security.

We secure FTP and SFTP connections by enforcing the use of only trusted and proven encryption ciphers, and we've made sure that even our more modern security features like two-factor authentication still work with these protocols.

Support for Every Standard FTP Protocol

FTP is a standard protocol used to transfer files and over the last 40+ years, new protocols, security enhancements, and technological advancements have made FTP less desirable as a means to transfer data. We know that many systems still rely on FTP, which can often be secured with SSL/TLS or replaced with SFTP.

No matter what protocol you need, Files.com features full support for all the standard FTP protocols:

  • FTPS (implicit FTP over TLS) on ports 990 and 3990
  • FTPeS (explicit FTP over TLS) on ports 21 and 3021
  • Plain, insecure FTP on port 21 (disabled by default, but can be enabled if your business needs require it)

Both active and passive mode FTP connections are supported.

SFTP With Password or Public Key Authentication

Files.com supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) on ports 22 and 3022.

For automated and scripted SFTP connections, Files.com supports public key authentication using ED25519, RSA, or DSA keys. User public keys may be imported using the web interface or added programmatically via the REST API.

Don’t sacrifice security or functionality. Files.com operates a proprietary SFTP server software, built and maintained in-house by dedicated engineers. Our server is compatible with SSH standards and has been tested against many SFTP apps commonly used by our clients.

Fully Integrated With the Files.com Platform

Because FTP and SFTP are directly integrated with the rest of the Files.com platform, you gain all the benefits it has to offer, like fine-grained permission controls, logging and webhooks, and of course, fast uploads and downloads.

Files.com supports outbound connections to other services via FTP and SFTP. For example, connect to Files.com via SFTP and have Files.com proxy that connection outbound to another service also using SFTP (or any other connection type we support). Go even further with the remove server mount feature that allows you to connect a specific folder in Files.com to a remove server in real-time.

Multi-Region Support Over a Single Connection

Files.com's FTP and SFTP interface even supports storing files in multiple geographic endpoints over a single FTP or SFTP connection. In this case, our server acts like a proxy and puts the files into the places where you want them to go (determined on a per-folder basis).

Depending on your use case, multi-region storage might be implemented to:

  • Restrict files within a specific region so that your company complies with required regulations, legal restrictions such as HIPAA, or other policies.
  • Conserve bandwidth by reducing the need for large files to transfer across multiple regions.
  • Minimize network latency for files that are accessed frequently by having them stored in a geographic location closer to those needing access.

Universal Client Support

Files.com boasts support for virtually every FTP/SFTP client program and library. Connect and transfer files with your favorite software from WinSCP to Microsoft .NET Framework or OpenSSH. Compatibility is key and Files.com has you covered.

Supporting You, No Matter How You Transfer Files

Yes, we support FTP, SFTP and all the technical stuff required for successful file transfer. The Files.com platform is focused on providing the means for any type of file transfer with scalability and efficiency. Customer success engineers are available to assist with setting up your connections, automations, SSH keys, as well as offering implementation suggestions and recommendations on best practices.

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