At, we know that nearly every organization has a need to securely exchange files with external parties, and many of these file exchanges have used protocols like FTP and SFTP for decades.

That's why every site includes access to our proprietary FTP and SFTP protocol engine, making it easy to support your existing FTP and SFTP file exchange processes while still maintaining all of the benefits of a modern and secure cloud platform.

What makes the ultimate FTP and SFTP server?

Security is key

Support for protocols like FTP and SFTP shouldn't mean compromising on security.

We secure FTP and SFTP connections by enforcing the use of only trusted and proven encryption ciphers, and we've made sure that even our more modern security features like Two-Factor Authentication still work great with these protocols.

Support for every standard FTP protocol features full support for all of the standard FTP protocols:

  • FTPS (implicit FTP over TLS) on ports 990 and 3990
  • FTPeS (explicit FTP over TLS) on ports 21 and 3021
  • Plain, insecure FTP on port 21 (disabled by default, but can be enabled if your business needs require it)

Both active and passive mode FTP connections are supported.

SFTP with password and public key authentication supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) on ports 22 and 3022.

For automated and scripted SFTP connections, supports public key authentication using ED25519, RSA, or DSA keys. User public keys may be imported using the web interface, or added programmatically via the REST API.

Fully integrated with the platform

Because FTP and SFTP are directly integrated with the rest of the platform, you gain all of the benefits it has to offer, like fine-grained permission controls, logging and webhooks, and of course, fast uploads and downloads.

Multi-region support over a single connection's FTP and SFTP interface even supports storing files in multiple geographic endpoints over a single FTP or SFTP connection. In this case, our server acts like a proxy and puts the files into the places where you want them to go (determined on a per-folder basis).

Universal client support boasts support for virtually every FTP/SFTP client program and library, including:

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