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Every organization needs the ability to easily send files to someone who is not a member of that organization (and wouldn't have their own user account on

No matter who you need to send files to, makes outbound file sharing really easy for both the sender and the recipient.

A few simple clicks let you securely share:

  • Individual files
  • Groups of files
  • Entire folders

All with no sharing limits, built-in web hosting mode, and a host of security controls.

Create a secure link to share individual files, groups of files, or entire folders.

In your account, you can simply select the files or folders you wish to share, click "New Share," and will generate a unique secure link that functions as a bearer key.

Only those who possess the precise link will be able to access the files. Further secure your shared files by setting the links to expire after a certain number of days or manually revoke them at any time.

Once the link is generated, you can send it to the chosen recipient via email, chat, or any other method.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they will see your branded site and have the ability to easily download the files or folders individually or as one large .zip file.

If you prefer that they do not see a page at all but rather are taken straight to the file, there is a built-in web hosting mode.

What if I need to update a file?

Share links generated in your account are dynamic. You can update a file, add a file to a shared folder, or even remove a file from the share. The changes you make are reflected in what the recipient of your share sees when they access the secure link.

Built-in Web Hosting Mode

In addition to Share Links that lead to a nice download page, enabling the Public Hosted Folders mode creates direct HTTPS links to the files themselves. This advanced feature can be toggled on and off on a per-folder basis, so you only share the files you intend to share.

In addition to sharing individual files, our platform allows you to host entire static websites (including JavaScript and CSS files) with the web hosting feature.

You'll find that provides similar capabilities with our web hosting mode to that of Amazon S3's static website hosting feature.

A static website refers to a website containing individual web pages with static content and possibly client-side scripts. Dynamic websites that rely on server-side processing, such as PHP, JSP, or ASP.NET, cannot be automatically hosted by However, our customer success team can help you integrate your account with other providers who do support such hosting.

Highest Compatibility for Outbound Sharing

Unlike any other platform, there is no need to juggle logging into multiple services and manually moving files to different platforms to get them where they need to be. Outbound sharing with works if your files live on any of our supported integrations, for example, SharePoint or Azure.

No Sharing Limits

Some platforms place limits on how you can send and share files. Some platforms only allow you to share individual files, while others only permit sharing entire folders.

Whether a single file or 1,000 (or more) files from multiple directories, a share will fit your needs.

Download Shares as a ZIP

Needing to share multiple files is common. If you generate or deal with invoices, financial or medical records, contracts, or any other type of file on a regular basis, you will save time with our zip download support for shared files. Those with access to shared files via link are able to select download all and have a .zip file automatically generated.

Want to share the same file with multiple people using individual share links? Yep, our platform provides that ability too!

Secure Files and Limit Access

Site administrators have complete control over sharing permissions for both site-wide and individual user levels. Permissions let you limit which users and/or groups have access to share files.

Security controls provide more than peace of mind.'s additional security controls around sharing your files include customized settings to protect, preview-only, and even watermark the files you share.

A generated share link that can only be used once. Ideal for sharing sensitive information or documents that are time-sensitive and require immediate action by the receiver.

Previews-Only Option

Previews are a way to let others see files without downloading anything. When sharing files, enable preview-only, and your files can be viewed online but will not be available for download by the recipient. For business files, the preview-only option enhances the security of your shared files.

This feature is ideal for videos or any document file that you don't want saved and stored outside your secure storage accounts.

Do even more with previews-only and our Microsoft Office integration. With, you get a robust suite of integration options right out of the box, including our Microsoft Office integration for the web. Log in using your credentials and have the power to provide previews of Office documents and spreadsheets to collaborators.

Document Watermarking

Protect your files with a watermark. Add your watermark to any preview available in a share link.

For copyright protection to online content management, you can apply watermarks to images and PDF files when they are previewed using the web application.

In addition, clickwraps can be added to share links. Do you require visitors to accept an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before viewing confidential documents? Use clickwraps to require acceptance of a company policy via a digital prompt prior to someone accessing the contents of shared files or folders.

Set Expiration Date on Shares

Don't provide unlimited access to your files. Customize the length of time a share is active and can be accessed via the share link. Or, set the maximum number of times the link can be accessed.

Password Protection

Add password protection on shares and share links. It's simple to set up and require a password so that only those who have the link and the correct password can gain access to the files you are sharing.

Don't worry, you can view all your share links, copy and reshare, update share link settings or manually deactivate a share at any time.

Additional Sharing Features

Associate your share link with an inbox so people can upload files in addition to downloading or previewing the files. When you need a client to review a document, modify or acknowledge and accept the contents, and re-upload, this can all be done in one folder in your account.

History Logs

Similar to other file interactions, records all activity around share links and saves it in activity and user history logs. See when files were accessed and what action, if any, was taken. Your data is too important to have anything less than 100% transparency and accountability.

Custom Branding

Keep everything on brand and looking great! All shares can be branded with your company logo, colors, etc. Sharing your files is an extension of your brand, so let clients see that pretty logo when they click a share link to access files.

If you are looking for a secure and really easy way to share files with individuals outside your organization (and even those within who are not users on the account), provides the best solution. From secure links providing access to a specific set of files, to public hosted folders, even documents stored in your organization's SharePoint storage – can be set up to meet your business needs. And it's all logged and locked down to protect your data.

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