Logging and Error Handling

Files.com records a complete log of every sync, including details about which folders were listed, which files were transferred, and which files were skipped.

You can download the raw logs for processing on your side. They are formatted as text files where each line of the file is a JSON hash containing the information about a particular log item. You should process the file line by line, and then run each line through a JSON parser.

We also provide a rich API for querying these logs. This API offers many filtering options.

We are working on the ability to export these logs to external SIEM services for our Enterprise customers. if this is something you would be interested in, please let us know.

When errors are detected in a sync, Files.com will automatically alert site admins via email. You can also use the External Events API to query for failed external events.

Failures are retried automatically by Files.com. If a Sync fails, it will be logged as an error once all retry attempts have been exhausted. Each scheduled Sync is independent, so one scheduled Sync failing will not prevent the next scheduled Sync from attempting to run.

Site Alert Emails

When a remote server sync operation fails, site admins who have not disabled site alert emails will receive an email notification.

The site alert emails may also include other types of important notifications, such as key expirations or problems with SSO, but all sync related items will be included in a list titled REMOTE SERVER SYNC FAILURES.

If there are multiple failed remote syncs, all of them will be included in the same email. The email includes a link to access the details of each failed sync in the external events log along with the time of the failure.

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