Transmissions to My Trading Partner Have Stopped Working

If a previously working outbound transmission stops working then the cause could be:

ISSUEResolution Steps
The SSL certificate on the trading partner’s AS2 endpoint URL has expired or is no longer valid.

Contact the trading partner and ask them to renew the SSL certificate on their AS2 endpoint URL. Use an online SSL Certificate checker, such as SSL Shopper, to check the trading partner’s AS2 URL and make sure that the SSL certificate being used is valid.

If an invalid, unchained, or self-signed SSL certificate is being used by the trading partner, you can configure to allow this less secure connection by editing the trading partner entry, and change the Server certificate option to "Allow self-signed, unchained, expired, or non-matching TLS/SSL certificate".

The trading partner has changed something on their side.

Contact the trading partner and find out what they changed.

If they renewed, updated, or changed their AS2 certificates then ask them to send you their new public certificate. Re-import the new public certificate into the trading partner configuration.

If they changed their AS2 endpoint URL then update the trading partner configuration with the new URL.

You renewed, updated, or changed your AS2 certificates.

Make sure that you sent your trading partner your new public certificate.

Contact the trading partner and verify that they are using your new public certificate for AS2 transmissions.

File size is too big.Outgoing messages are limited to 25MB in size. Files greater than this size will not be transmitted.

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