Troubleshooting Inboxes


For uploads via web to Inbox, you can audit the upload details in the folder history by filtering the logs based on Folder path and selecting the interface as web. For uploads via email, select the interface as Email.

We also provide full audit logs for inbound emails. This is useful for accessing additional information such as the sender's email address, sender's name, attachment details, email body, etc.


Inbound Email Logs can be used to help you troubleshoot failures in uploads via email. If you see the status as Skipped or Failure, the details column in these logs provides additional insights into why there is an issue with the corresponding inbound email.

There are several reasons why email to inbox may result in a failure.

"Sender <email address> is not allowed to upload to this folder" - This error message results from the setting Whitelisting email domains turned on, this will result in an error if the sender's domain or email address is not in the whitelisted email domains.

"Email Authentication Failed" - This message is primarily because of a verification step in This verification step is to validate the use of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and their signatures on the message, it is primarily used to prevent spoofing, spamming or other misuse. This check is controlled by the setting called Enable inbound email authentication under Sharing -> Sharing Settings. When enabled, emails that do not pass the authentication checks will be discarded by our system and logged as a failure. In such cases, contact the sender and check whether their mail server or an intermediary server is causing this failure.

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