Files.com provides features to assist in some of the stages of the Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) process as outlined in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).


To identify the files and folders that a user (custodian) has access to, you will need to view the access permissions that have been granted to that user and to any groups that the user is a member of.

If the user is a site administrator then they have access to all files and folders of the site.

You can find information about actions taken by a user in our various logs. Activity for a specific user can be found in the User activity history log and activity within a specific folder can be found in the Folder activity history log.


A site administrator can manually apply a legal hold to preserve data. We also provide SDKs, platform APIs, and a Command Line Integration (CLI) App, which can be used by developers to automate your legal hold processes.

If data needs to be preserved in anticipation of any future eDiscovery needs then we also provide child sites which can be configured with Archive Only mode to prevent spoliation or destruction of data.


Files and folders can be downloaded manually, using the Files.com web interface, the Files.com Desktop App, or any FTP/SFTP client, or programmatically, using the Files.com Command Line (CLI) App, SDKs, or APIs.

The Files.com logs can be accessed manually, using the Files.com web interface, or programmatically, using the Files.com Command Line (CLI) App, SDKs, or APIs. Only users with site administrator privileges will be able to access all logs.

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