FTP Tutorial: MacOS

Our preferred solution for uploading files to Files.com from macOS is to use the Files.com Desktop App or the Cyberduck app directly (without using FTP).

In a very small number of situations, it may not be possible to use the Desktop app or the direct Cyberduck integration for a given use case. In those situations, another approach is to use FTP. That's what this tutorial covers.

FTP Tutorial

The program we will use to connect to Files.com will be Cyberduck. It’s free and easy to use for the purposes of this tutorial, though any FTP program will work just fine.

You can download the Cyberduck client for free from the App Store, or directly from their website.

Once you’ve downloaded Cyberduck and open it for the first time, you will need to click Open Connection from the menu bar on the top left.

Normally you would choose Files.com from the drop down, but since this is a tutorial about FTP, you will instead be choosing FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS) from the drop down.

Because you selected FTP and not Files.com, you now have to manually configure a number of settings that would otherwise be automatic.

Enter the address of your Files.com site into the Server field and your username and password into their respective boxes.

You may want to select Add to Keychain to save your credentials to your Mac’s password manager. Next, hit Connect.

If you entered everything correctly you’ll see your Files.com site and its content. You can do most things from the Action menu, including uploading and downloading.

You can add files by dragging and dropping them directly into the Cyberduck window.

You can also download files by double-clicking on a file name or by dragging them out of the Cyberduck window.

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