Share Link Visitor Upload Receipts

Share Links that only allow visitors to upload can be configured to send a receipt email to the uploaders. After your visitors upload files, they can receive an email that includes a listing of the files uploaded, any information they entered in the registration form, and the text of the clickwrap they agreed to, if applicable.

Enabling receipts for uploaders provides your contacts with a confirmation that their files were successfully received. This helps to foster trust between you and your contacts, and prevent wasted time that might be used manually verifying that files were received. We recommend enabling this feature with your upload-only Share Links.

Requirements for Upload Receipts

In order to enable automatic upload receipts, your Share Link must allow visitors to upload files only. You must also require registration for visitors to your Share Link. You can customize the registration form, but you must collect the visitor's email address in order for the platform to send the email.

Timing of Upload Receipt Emails

Receipt emails for visitors are not delivered on the same schedule as notification emails for users. When a visitor to a Share Link finishes uploading and closes the page, an email acknowledgment is generated within 15 minutes. If the visitor leaves the window open after uploading files, the email receipt is generated roughly an hour after the uploads stop, or up to 15 minutes after they close the window, whichever comes first.

From and Reply-to address.

Receipt emails are sent with the same from and reply-to addresses as other emails generated by If you have not added custom SMTP settings, the from and reply-to address will be "". If you have added custom SMTP settings, your supplied from and reply-to addresses will be used.

Your Share Link can be configured to send notifications when visitors complete the registration form or upload files to you. These notification settings will only generate emails for user groups or user accounts; they cannot send emails to people who do not have user credentials for your site.

Upload Receipt Emails vs folder Email Notifications

Your site allows you to configure email notifications on any folder, including one used in an upload-only Share Link. Email notifications have 2 key differences from Share Link uploader receipts. First, Email notifications only report file activity that matches the notification settings, so they cannot include any information collected in registrations forms. The other important difference is that Email notifications can only be sent to user groups and user accounts in your site.

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