Use with Akamai Linode

Using this native integration with Akamai Linode, customers can seamlessly integrate platform capabilities with Akamai Linode's Object Storage. can add powerful access and permission controls over file interactions within Linode storage and allows you to take advantage of all of the platform capabilities.

Enhance, secure, and expand your business processes by combining your Linode storage with workflow features such as Inboxes, Share Links, GPG, Automations, file transfer capabilities (FTPS, SFTP, AS2, etc.), authentication and authorization (Single-Sign-On, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, etc.), online co-editing, iPaaS integrations, and a rich selection of notification options (webhooks, Slack, Amazon SNS.)

Akamai Linode Object Storage can be connected as a Remote Server Mount, making your Linode storage content available in real time, or connected as a Remote Server Sync, allowing you to push, pull, or synchronize files between Linode storage and other storage locations.

Integrating with Akamai Linode allows your users to access Linode storage through, using a web browser, SFTP, FTP(S), AS2, WebDAV, the Desktop App, the Mobile App, or the Command Line (CLI) App. integrates with Akamai Linode using the Linode Object Storage APIs via HTTPS, providing secure encrypted data transmission between the two platforms.

About Akamai Linode

Akamai Linode Object Storage is S3-compatible Object Storage that makes it easy and more affordable to manage unstructured data such as content assets, as well as sophisticated and data-intensive storage challenges around artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Linode Object Storage is highly available and durable. Objects are replicated across servers so they’re always accessible even if one of their servers goes offline.

Linode Object Storage can be used for static site hosting, website content hosting, software storage and downloads, storage of unstructured data, artifact storage, big data, long-term (cold) storage, backups and compliance archiving. Unstructured data includes such assets as images, video, audio and all types of documents.

About Cloud-based Object Storage

Cloud-based Object Storage is designed for elastic scalability and distributed access. It is superior at managing unstructured data, making it the de facto choice for modern data storage needs.

Object storage is the underlying storage technology that has driven the evolution of data lakes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

Businesses are using data lakes for many tasks, including logs, application telemetry, repositories for search engines, financial transactions, online interactions and social media.

Pricing & Support's integration with Akamai Linode is a core integration of, maintained by the team, and is fully supported as part of your subscription. Any customer on the Power plan and up can work with Akamai Linode as part of your existing subscription.

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