Logging and Webhooks

Does your business need to know when a file is uploaded? What about if it is read, changed, copied, moved or deleted? No problem, Files.com's comprehensive logging system and Webhook API have you covered. Cloud-based file hosting and sharing have become both commonplace and

It’s time for action

The Files.com platform saves detailed logging information for every user and API interaction with your files. We track the date/time of the request, path, action, IP address, and interface.

This not only allows us to maintain transparency, compliance, and accountability; it allows you to create triggers and automations to take actions when certain types of things happen.

Upload notifications by email

Do you or specific users in your account need to know when new files have been uploaded to your Files.com account? Files.com gives administrators the ability to have one or more users notified by email any time uploads are made to a specific folder on your FTP site. Notifications are set on a per-folder basis to give you the customization to meet your business needs.

Ultimate flexibility

We we put our team of developers in a room to discuss how to take webhook automation to the next level. We quickly realized that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not enough for Files.com customers. You deserve solutions that fit for your business, and those of your clients!

Files.com allows you to set both global and individual webhooks on a per-folder basis. You are also not limited in the number of webhooks you assign. Need to notify two different systems that a file has been received? Easy! Just add a second webhook in the folder settings. It really is that simple! Finally, our platform allows you to determine which actions you want to be notified about. If you only need to know when a file is deleted, why waste time and processing power receiving calls informing you about creation, moving, and changes. We empower you to be in control of your files!

Webhooks in action

The possibilities of integrating your systems and workflows with Files.com are endless thanks to our powerful webhook platform. We can only imagine the ideas that coming to mind. Take a look at how some of our largest customers employ Files.com webhooks in their daily business workflow.

  • A global natural resources mining conglomerate uses webhooks to monitor file bandwidth storage and usage and automatically assign internal billing references based on the project code.

  • An analytics giant integrates data collected by contractors from the largest social media platforms and transfers it into proprietary software to provide clients with real time audience statistics.

  • A global shipping provider relieves file movement pressure when receiving thousands of files per hour using webhooks to properly rename, process, move, and categorize file archives without any human interaction.

  • An environmental monitoring agency collects thousands of tiny files per second from vast network of solar powered sensors and quickly receives and processes data in order to identify potential disasters before they happen.

    These are just a few of the many different ways our customers utilize this flexible powerhouse to automate and scale their business. We can’t wait to hear about what you will implement.

Files.com has your back

Does the idea of implementing webhooks sound like a daunting task? Do you have an automation idea but need guidance on how to accomplish it? You don’t have to worry, our Customer Success team has your back.

Our Customer Success Engineers all have experience in coding and are eager to help with brainstorming automations, providing implementation suggestions, and discussing best practices that we have learned with helping hundreds of other global enterprise customers get the most benefit from their Files.com account.

Give our team a call or send an email today!

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