Changing Your Subdomain

A common request we receive is to change one's SmartFile subdomain, such as when your organization's name has changed from when the site was originally provisioned. Because all legacy SmartFile sites will be upgraded to sites, we strongly prefer customers complete their migration prior to making changes to their subdomain. Changing your subdomain prior to your upgrade to will require the intervention of the Customer Support team, and it should only happen under extraordinary circumstances.

How Migration Impacts Connecting To Your Site

When a SmartFile site is upgraded to a site, the old site address will allow users to connect to the new site. For instance, if your site address is, then connecting to after the migration will behave the same as connecting directly to This works for web connections, FTP and SFTP.

The site cannot forward your connections to your new site, so users who attempt to log in at after the migration will receive an error.

Changing Your Subdomain After Migration

After your SmartFile site has been fully upgraded to, it is straightforward to change the subdomain on, but your users must update their connection settings with the updated information.

If you change your site's custom subdomain after the migration, the original SmartFile site address will not forward to your new custom subdomain. For example, if your original SmartFile address is, and you have updated your custom subdomain after migration to be, then will not forward automatically to

The site cannot forward your connections to your new site, so users who attempt to log in at after the migration will receive an error.

Using a Custom Domain

Configuring a custom domain is the least disruptive way to change your site address. You can configure the custom domain in your SmartFile site prior to migration, or you can do it after migration.

When you customize your SmartFile site with a custom domain before upgrading to, the custom domain is automatically applied to your upgraded site as part of the migration process. As long as your users connect using the custom domain, migration will not cause any disruption.

Even if you don't configure a custom domain on SmartFile, you could choose to configure a custom domain for your site after migration. Because your custom subdomain continues to work independently of the custom domain, users can still connect to the original subdomain address. If you have counterparties who have trouble updating connection information, they can continue to connect to the original subdomain indefinitely (which will automatically forward to the custom subdomain) and your other users can use your custom domain address.

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