Feature Map from SmartFile

This page tells you how to find the Files.com equivalent of SmartFile features.


The Files section of Files.com is the default page when you log in to the web interface. Just as with SmartFile, this is where you can transfer files and do various file management tasks.

Users and Groups

User accounts and Groups can be managed by users who are site administrators. Users who are Group Admins are able to create new users for their groups.

User Roles

Files.com does not use separate Roles to grant users specialized access. Instead, those behaviors are controlled either through permissions or through settings on users.


For sites using HyperPrivacy Mode, files and folders could be shared with other users via the Shares feature. In the Files.com platform, this is handled by assigning users or groups Permissions to specific folders. All folders that a user has permission to will be accessed through the Files section.

The Files.com equivalent of SmartFile Links is the Share Links feature. Share Links provide some useful improvements over SmartFile Links.

More than one path may be included in a Share Link. This allows you to create a public share URL that contains multiple folders and files, without needing to re-arrange your entire folder structure.

Files.com supports the same levels of web visitor access that SmartFile does (download only, upload only, upload and download) but adds 2 more options: preview only, which allows visitors to see what is in a Share Link but not download it to their device and full access, which allows visitors to rename, move, copy or delete items and create new folders.

FIles.com Share Links are always recursive, meaning that if a folder is included in a Share Link, all of its subfolders are also included; Files.com does not currently support creating Share Links that do not display subfolders.

SmartFile uses a separate domain for link URLs, but Files.com Share Link domains will match the domain of your Files.com site.

While SmartFile links can be used to provide a completely public URL for downloading shared items, Files.com Share Links don't expose a direct link to download individual files. Instead, you can use the Public Hosting feature to serve files via HTTPS without requiring login or requiring any specific API, protocol, or app.


Files.com supports path-based notifications. Any user who has History or Admin access to a folder can create email notifications for themselves.

It's possible to re-create most of the SmartFile notification rules using Files.com email notifications. You can limit which users' and groups' activity for a folder will trigger the notification. You can also choose which specific file operations and on which file extensions the notification will be sent.

Files.com notifications do not support sending emails for users logging in or out, user accounts being created, updated or deleted, or groups being created, updated or deleted. If you rely on an alert when those actions happen, please contact our Support team so we can learn more about your workflows.


Files.com supports automations that can automatically manage files, such as copying, moving or deleting files. Most of the automation rules supported by HyperPrivacy Mode SmartFile sites can be replicated with Files.com Automations.

Admin Settings

In your SmartFile site, many site-wide settings are found in the Admin Settings dashboard. For users with some level of administrator access (i.e., folder admins and site administrators), the settings for different sections of your site are listed on the appropriate pages in the web interface.

Our team has worked to put these settings in the most obvious place you would expect - the settings for password security requirements can be found on the Passwords page, and settings for customizing your domain are on the Custom Domain page. Settings that make sense in more than one context may appear on multiple pages.

Virtual Directories

SmartFile provides customers the ability to directly mount their Dropbox account or Windows Server within SmartFile through a feature called "Virtual Directories."

Files.com offers a similar functionality called Remote Server Mount. The Remote Server Mount functionality on Files.com is engineered for robustness and performance, making it faster and more reliable than SmartFile's Virtual Directories.


Files.com Webhooks are flexible and powerful. Site Administrators and folder admins can create webhooks to meet practically any scenario with very little setup.

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