Fast Uploads and Downloads

At, we regularly compare our platform speeds against our top competitors, because we believe that getting the basics right means that our service had better be fast.

Fast uploads

Whether you are uploading huge files (our top plan supports individual file sizes of up to 5 terabytes), many files (and unlimited items in a folder), or both, waiting isn’t what you came here to do. You want to get this done fast so you can move on to the next thing.

We built this platform for you.

All of our inbound and outbound file connections run via a 10Gbit/second connection to the Internet via Amazon AWS. Whether your local network connection is small or large, we want you to get the most from it when you connect to

We also want it to be easy. We’ve built an easy-to-use web interface that your users will find fast and simple to use, but better yet, we’ve designed it to be super smart when it comes to quick uploads. It knows how to upload large files in parallel.

You can also use your favorite FTP, FTPS, FTPES, and SFTP software client, and turn up the concurrency to achieve maximum upload speed. When uploading large folders via a file-transfer client, we recommend uploading 10-50 files concurrently to maximize the connection throughput. (Our web interface does this automatically.)

Fast downloads

Your most important files are safe and sound on your site, but you need people all around the globe to access them, now! Don’t worry, we’re with you! Remember, we built this platform with you in mind.

We operate acceleration servers in regions around the globe so that your users can connect more quickly and efficiently. Our architecture allows your far-flung workforce and customer base to connect to a server closer to their location, and that server has a clean, fast, dedicated connection to your site’s storage region.

Fast interfaces

Fast uploads and downloads? Check! Now, how about users who can get their tasks done quickly and safely, because the app is so intuitive and responsive? Our front end team is crazy about speed and efficiency.

Your site administrators and your regular users will onboard and master the interface with little effort and soon be managing your files like experienced security experts. We make it that easy.

Fast automation

We’re not telling you anything that you don’t know, but the fastest way to get somewhere is to be there already! Let our platform keep watch for your inbound files and automatically let you know they’ve arrived, or better yet, let your software systems know with an automated webhook, triggering your system to contact our REST API to download the files and begin their processing.

There’s no reason that can’t be all done and logged by the time you get up in the morning.

Fast service

In fact, our Customer Success team has helped hundreds of customers build automated processes using our REST API that not only get important work done sooner, but eliminate human error. You should try out the Customer Success team; they’re fast too!

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