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Includes 2.5 TB in monthly usage (additional usage is always just $0.10 per GB)

Usage is the sum of your monthly storage high water mark and your monthly outbound data transfer (view more details)
Never Pay Per-Seat Fees (unlike competing services)
  • Unlimited internal user accounts
  • Unlimited external user accounts
  • Unlimited human user accounts
  • Unlimited bot/shared/API user accounts
File Transfer Protocols, Management, and Integration
  • Modern Desktop and Mobile web interface with fast parallel upload support
  • Pair of IPs dedicated to your site (you'll never share SSL certificates with any other customer, unlike competing services)
  • Desktop App for Windows and macOS (up to 25 users)
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV
  • Zapier (integrates hundreds of third-party services)
  • Share folders publicly via a static URL (Web Hosting)
  • Share selections of files publicly via access-limited Share Links
  • Share link password security and link expiration controls
  • Inboxes (Request files from others)
  • Webhooks
  • Remote Server Sync (one-way or two-way)
    • to/from Amazon S3
    • to/from FTP/SFTP
    • to/from Box
    • to/from Dropbox
    • to/from Rackspace
    • Inbound polling frequency: n/a
  • Custom SMTP for Outbound E-Mail
  • Receive files via an Inbound email address
  • Subscribe to action events via AWS SNS
Global and International Support
  • App available in 8 languages
  • Store files globally in regions: 1 region
    Global regions include: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia
  • Global acceleration for FTP/SFTP/WebDAV (speeds up transfers between USA and Asia/Europe/Australia)
Security and Authentication
  • 2-Factor Authentication
    • Via Authenticator Apps (Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, etc.)
    • Via Yubikey (up to 25 users)
    • Via Hardware Keys (U2F/FIDO) (up to 25 users)
    • Via SMS (up to 25 users)
    • Ability to Mandate 2FA enrollment for users
  • Encryption
    • Encryption at rest and in-flight
    • A+ Score according to SSL security assessment
    • Custom SSL Certificate for custom domains - provided by us or provide your own
    • Most secure HTTPS features, including modern ciphers, HSTS, HPKP, and session IP pinning
    • GPG encryption using customer provided public keys
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Via Google / G-Suite (up to 25 users)
    • Via LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory (up to 25 users)
    • Via Okta, Auth0, Slack, Box, Dropbox, Azure, Atlassian, Ubuntnu
    • Via your own custom OAuth or similar system
  • Anti-Virus Scanning
    • via ClamAV
    • via Sophos
  • File and Folder Permissions
    • Assign users/groups permissions (read/write/preview/list) on a per-folder basis
    • Permissions overview page allows easy auditing
Digital Asset Management and Virtual Data Room Features
  • In-app image and video previews
  • Document previews for office documents
  • Image watermarking
  • Document watermarking
Branding and Customization
  • Custom Domain: 1 domain
  • Custom Colors
  • Customer Header and Footer: Rich Text
  • Integrate your own tracking pixels
Administration and Workflows
  • Max # of items in a folder: 10k
  • Max individual file size: 10 GB
  • Automation and Workflows Features
    • Files expire after a certain period of time since creation
    • Users are notified when files are uploaded to a folder
    • Groups are notified when files are uploaded to a folder
    • Create folders on a schedule
    • Request files from others based on workflow rules
    • Request files to be processed based on workflow rules
    • Create folders when new users are added
    • Workflow setup concierge - our team will learn your business processes and help you implement workflows
  • Search
    • Search file names
    • Search inside files (search file contents)
  • Administration Delegation
    • Assign file permissions on a per-folder basis
    • Assign permission to view history logs on a per folder basis
    • Assign group admins who can add users to their group
    • Nested groups (groups within groups)
  • Developer Support
    • Additional full accounts for use as a staging environment (up to 2, usage quotas pooled)
Support and SLA
  • E-Mail and telephone support: Standard
  • Support response time: 1 business day
  • Webhook/E-Mail/SNS SLA: 30 minutes
  • Migration assistance: Basic
  • Discount on consulting/professional services rates: n/a
  • Priority access to beta features
  • 24/7 Emergency "911" direct engineer pager access
  • Assigned named account concierge
Compliance and Legal
  • Max Log Retention Period: 0.5 years
  • Max File Backup Retention Period: Unlimited
  • GDPR Data Processing Addendum (DPA)
  • EU-US Privacy Shield
  • HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Assistance with your audit or vendor compliance programs
  • Archive-Only Mode (prevent file deletion entirely)
  • Agreement to provide your regulatory body access to your data (finance/banking/other regulated clients)
  • Consideration of custom BAA or substantial changes to our Terms of Service
  • Optionally prevent from listing you as a customer on our website

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