Getting Started

Getting started with is easy!

Welcome to the Documentation & Reference Center for

We went through a lot of effort to make sure getting up and running with is as easy as pie. In only a few minutes, we’ll have your account set up, and you’ll be on your way to transferring and sharing files, and enjoying our enterprise-level features!

To get started, follow these 5 simple steps:

  • 1 After you sign up for your trial, the first step is to login to your account. If you can’t remember the password you chose during signup, you just need to reset your password.
  • 2 From the pane on the left click All Files. To upload a file, simply drag it into the browser window or choose the Upload button. Remember that you can organize everything into folders, just choose New folder. If you want to use an FTP program instead of our web interface, you can follow our guide here.
  • 3 From the pane on the left click Settings, and click the Users tab. Create any users you want to give access to your account. Any setting you’re not sure of can be left at the default. More information on users can be found here.
  • 4 From the pane on the left click All Files again, click the gear icon next to This folder’s settings, and click Permissions. From here you can assign certain permissions to the folder you’re in for a user. More information on permissions can be found here.
  • 5 Customize the look and feel of your web interface by going to Settings > Branding. Upload your logos and choose your company colors to finalize the look of your interface.

Make sure you check out the other feature walkthroughs and tutorials in the sidebar of this documentation center. If you’re still stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.