Update Share


Make changes to a share link.


PATCH https://mysite.files.com/api/v2/shares/{id}

Replace mysite.files.com with your site address.

Path Parameters

idThe internal ID number of the resource.

Request Body Schema

NameData TypeNotes
namestring Description of the share link.
resourcesarray(string)Files or folders included in the share link.
Each item should be specified as either the complete path (e.g. "My/folder/file.txt") or as a resource ID (e.g. "id:31415926535")
accessModeobjectWhat operations can be performed by a web visitor to the share. See AccessMode Object for details.
recipientsarray(object)List of people to be invited to the share. See Recipient Object for details.
expirationstringShare link expiration date. Must be in the future.
hasNotificationbooleanWhether share link notifications should be sent.
notificationEmailsarray(strings)List of email addresses to receive share link notifications.
Each email address must be associated with a user account within your site.
Ignored if hasNotification is false.
passwordstringNew password for the share link.
requireEmailbooleanWhether visitors to the share link are required to register before viewing the contents.
fileDropCreateFoldersbooleanWhether uploads to the share link should be placed into an automatically created subfolder.
statusintegerNew status for a share.
Revoke a share link by setting the status to 0.

AccessMode Object

The accessMode object included in the request schema has the following properties.

NameData Type

Recipient Object

The recipient object included in the request schema has the following properties. You must provide a valid email address for the email property.

NameData Type

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